Landscaping Tauranga

Platinum Concrete, the leading Landscaping Tauranga, specializes in various Garden designs Tauranga. The company has been working with different types of residential and commercial Garden renovations in Tauranga. Additionally, we also offer Hardscaping Tauranga at competitive prices. We have always been ideal for comprehensive planting services, including paving and pathways.
Landscaping Tauranga

Right Choice For All Your Concrete and Landscaping Services

Why should people outsource Landscaping in Tauranga to experts?

Most people believe they can handle installation and garden maintenance in Tauranga alone. However, this is very different from tending to a few plants. When specialists manage the project, they will have extensive experience with various aspects, such as the type of plants and the ideal maintenance protocols. This will help people install the proper structure and improve the property’s value.

How do leading construction Tauranga companies handle the project?

Platinum Concrete follows a structured protocol to develop the best landscape for our customers. Like all other construction projects, this planning is critical for determining the quality of the outcome. Therefore, our process is inclusive of these significant avenues.


Our professional Garden design Tauranga experts will inspect the client’s location. We will learn more about the expected theme, type of soil, nature of the locality, etc. An essential aspect is that we will also consider the client’s budget. We will then brainstorm to develop an effective plan. We will evaluate every part of the customer’s expectations to make the right decision. This helps them to determine the ideal course of action. We will also select the list of things needed and the stakeholders at this stage.


Once we get the necessary approvals, we will source the materials and initiate the work. We will work systematically and synchrony with the other teams to ensure the project is completed on time. We also update the clients on the progress.


Our team will provide the vital instructions for maintenance and care when we hand over the project. Additionally, we also render repair and maintenance services for the customers.

Why do people choose Platinum Concrete for their planting services in Tauranga?

Customers choose our brand for our innate knowledge and innovative approach to offering the best outcomes. A garden arena is not just a space with a few plants and a bench. It is a space where people can develop their ecosystem and connect with nature. Most homeowners take great pride in maintaining and growing their gardens. One of the notable aspects of Platinum Concrete is that we do not just develop picturesque landscapes. We also create spaces that can be easily maintained. This is essential as most people struggle to retain them amidst their hectic schedules.
We are transparent and professional in the way we handle the projects. We will discuss all the relevant information with the clients and enable them to make the right decision. Our team has extensive experience in Garden renovations in Tauranga and makes the ideal plan. We handle the project systematically to enable us to provide the best solutions. We comprehend the key to success in these projects is accurate planning. We will check with all the relevant aspects to ensure it can be handled effectively. Our team is skilled in focusing on various unique characteristics of the project to provide holistic results. We are one of the rare Outdoor living spaces Tauranga construction companies to offer value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I consider landscaping my property in Tauranga?

Landscaping Tauranga is essential to connect with nature and protect the soil. The plants in your property will improve the positivity and also reduce the effect of carbon effects. With proper planning, people can develop a good ecosystem in their backyard. Some people assume that this would be a time-consuming and delicate process. However, with the proper guidance, homeowners can have their share of heaven right in front and back of their houses. If you have additional space, consider converting them into a beautiful landscape. A home with a gorgeous garden is always valued higher in all aspects.

2. How can I find a reputable landscaping company in Tauranga?

One of the essential aspects of Garden Design Tauranga is identifying a reputed company. It is common for people to mistake landscaping for the process of planting a few plants in the backyard. However, it is much more than that. It is about developing an effective and innovative concept to create a beautiful landscape within your budget. The right company will do extensive planning and implement the project. Customers can ask for recommendations or look for relevant information online. When they do the latter, it is essential to validate the data to ensure they make the right choice. People can also check for reviews and look at the company’s portfolio to make a well-informed decision. However, choosing a company like Platinum Concrete is essential to get the best results.

3. How much does landscaping cost in Tauranga?

One of the primary concerns about construction in Tauranga is the cost of the property. Most people might be reluctant to spend much money on a garden. They wonder if planting a few trees and plants by themselves would be viable. However, this might not be adequate to provide the expected look. The cost of Landscaping Tauranga will depend on the nature of the project. The company offering the service will evaluate the client’s property, understand their expectations, and determine the ideal course of action. We will also know more about the client’s budget and plan the work accordingly. However, this does not mean we will compromise the quality of the outcome under any circumstances.

4. How long does a landscaping project in Tauranga usually take?

The overall time would depend on the type of the project. If the plan involves various Hardscaping Tauranga, then the company will take the time to complete them. However, it might not take a few weeks to complete the project. Our team will inform the clients about the project before we begin. This will allow the customers to be prepared. We always provide a realistic timeline based on the weather and other influencing factors. We also inform them about the ideal season to undertake the project. This will help them to take the right decision in this regard.
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Right Choice For All Your Concrete and Landscaping Services